The Lake County Republican Party to host Congressional Candidate for District 3 at their June 27, 2019 meeting. 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. at the Round Table Pizza in Lakeport

Tamika Hamilton A member of the Air Force for the last 16 years, Tamika Hamilton has decided to further her commitment to the Nation and Community by running for Congress.

Tamika has traveled around the world and California was her last duty station. In her commitment to this country, she has served in 2 deployments in the Middle East. She is an east coast transplant from Calvert County, Maryland. Travis AFB was her last duty station before leaving active duty 2 years ago. She decided to attend college full time and continue to serve the Nation in the AF Reserve.

Since leaving active duty she was able to observe the world around her in a different light. Tamika was able to witness first-hand the government overreach, inaction on crisis issues, and high taxes. Tamika began speaking with people in the district and learned first-hand how they struggle to survive, want to relocate out of state, and dissatisfied with the elected officials. Many of them just seemed to believe that California would never change.

Tamika is actively involved in her local church, homeless ministry, and veteran/nursing home. Tamika decided that although she is an outsider, that wouldn’t stop her from pursuing a seat in Congress. She firmly believes that we must uphold the Constitution. Tamika wants to protect the lives of the unborn and affirm our commitment to Israel. Tamika lives in Dixon with her husband Ray and 3 children; Gabriella, Ryan, and Beau.